Stop the heat! | Sunbrella Drapery for Outdoor Shading

We feel like it is a requirement to write about the outdoors and the heat of the summer with the Weather Channel showing that it feels like 105 degrees in Orlando, Florida this week and the amount of orders with the heat index rising! All of us have been on the beach, park, etc. without shoes on and been to the point where you HAD to get your feet to the shade or on something not in direct sunlight because they felt like they were melting, this is the same concept we have for our outdoor drapery needs and the amount of time spent outdoors. The difference between your outdoor patio, sun-room or even outdoor pergola with and without curtains is the difference in spending time in the great outdoors and sitting in your kitchen wishing it wasn’t so hot out!

This brings us to our next point of Sunbrella Curtains vs the competition (non-Sunbrella) curtains. Although we would love for you to purchase from us, and we guarantee 20% lower than any competition, we are talking quality and Sunbrella drapery here, not where you should buy and why. Fabrics that are not Sunbrella WILL fade, and will fade fast. If you have any purchased curtains or outdoor furniture from a big box store retailer anytime before 2016 you have probably already are dealing with light fading on your outdoor fabric, and by mid 2018 your cushions that are not Sunbrella will start becoming un-presentable. Some will continue to go through the cycle of having to dump their old faded product and head down to the old box retail store to purchase another cheap set that will put them over what they would have spent if they originally bought Sunbrella that will last them 5 times as long!

I hope everyone is having a good summer, stay cool and enjoy the outdoors!

– Outdoor Drapes and Curtains