‘Tis the Season for Outdoor Living and Window Treatments! *NEW 2017 CURTAIN PRODUCTS*

The beautiful weather is rolling and and so is everyone that has been waiting for it! This 2017 season we have several new window treatment options that we are pretty excited about and have gotten great reviews on during the off-season. The main thing we are excited about this season is out new curtain grommet colors. We are now offering four different window treatment grommet colors, Satin Nickel, Antique Brass (my favorite), Satin Brass and Black Oxide, all being 100% rust-proof and weather-proof, making for a long lasting grommet from season to season! We have also added many 2017 Sunbrella window treatment curtain fabrics that just get better by the year! Sunbrella has been going above and beyond the last 5 years with their colors and has far exceeded the quality we have seen in out decades in business selling Sunbrella fabric. While not being completely new, we started offering 100" wide curtains last season, and data shows us we should have went this route years ago! Our 100" wide seems to be the new "normal" for window treatments and adds double the color and coverage to an area giving you more of a bunched up drape look and provides more shade and flexibility. Custom curtains are still a large part of our sales! Don't forget, you… Continue reading

Sunbrella Curtains now available in 100″ width!

We are back to the blog to take care of a few questions and updates! Due to custom orders being placed for 100" wide curtains, we now offer ALL Sunbrella curtains at all time low sale prices ready to ship! Out sister company (custom outdoor Sunbrella Cushions) takes up over 80% of our manufacturing and production and we are coming into slow season for cushions so our Sunbrella Curtains and Drapes are now on a 1-2 week turnaround (all curtains made to order)! Through the winter we have clearance curtain prices that will only last a limited time. Don't hesitate to call with any questions, thanks! Continue reading

Stop the heat! | Sunbrella Drapery for Outdoor Shading

We feel like it is a requirement to write about the outdoors and the heat of the summer with the Weather Channel showing that it feels like 105 degrees in Orlando, Florida this week and the amount of orders with the heat index rising! All of us have been on the beach, park, etc. without shoes on and been to the point where you HAD to get your feet to the shade or on something not in direct sunlight because they felt like they were melting, this is the same concept we have for our outdoor drapery needs and the amount of time spent outdoors. The difference between your outdoor patio, sun-room or even outdoor pergola with and without curtains is the difference in spending time in the great outdoors and sitting in your kitchen wishing it wasn't so hot out! This brings us to our next point of Sunbrella Curtains vs the competition (non-Sunbrella) curtains. Although we would love for you to purchase from us, and we guarantee 20% lower than any competition, we are talking quality and Sunbrella drapery here, not where you should buy and why. Fabrics that are not Sunbrella WILL fade, and will fade fast. If you have any purchased curtains or outdoor furniture from a big box store retailer anytime before… Continue reading

Clearance Outdoor Curtains

Are you looking for Sunbrella Curtains for your outdoor patio, daybed, dining area or even indoor Sunbrella curtains for your kitchen or sunroom? We pride ourselves on having the entire 2016 Sunbrella Drapery fabric line with endless variations to choose from! We are able to provide wholesale curtain pricing well below any competition and are able to carry the whole Sunbrella Drapery fabric collection by being a sister company of a custom outdoor cushion manufacturer right here in the USA located in Orlando, FL. Although this is not advertised on the individual product pages because it consists of less than 5% of our outdoor drapery sales, we can make custom curtains in any shape or size upon request, as well as offer you a possibility of matching your 2015 (last years) Sunbrella furniture you may have purchased if we have any discontinued back-stock of the Sunbrella curtain fabric you are in search of! Our indoor/outdoor curtain panels come in a variety of pre-made sizes, with the option of curtain panel with grommets or curtain panels with loops to fit your drapery design and outdoor decor needs. Continue reading

Don’t settle for mediocre outdoor curtains!

Summer is here and so is the heat! If you are like most of us, you price shop around to look for the latest and greatest deal. When it comes to the outdoors you are well aware of the damage the sun, snow and rain can do to your outdoor seating area. Once up on a time our company sold several grades of fabrics for our outdoor furniture and curtains, but now we exclusively sell Sunbrella outdoor curtains and drapes and we stand by Sunbrella for all of our custom outdoor cushions as well! The best part about Sunbrella curtains in this day of age is that they sell themselves, and nearly everyone knows the quality without having to do any research. Sunbrella curtains are fade-proof and will maintain the same color year to year while having a mold resistant material. On top of all this, we rate all of our fabrics for indoor or outdoor use due to the feel and look, making our products very versatile in any situation. We have outdoor drapery in a variety of colors, with the full 2016 Sunbrella Drapery fabric line in stock and available upon request. Whether you need indoor drapery our outdoor daybed curtains, Sunbrella has you covered! We stand behind all of our curtains with a 100%… Continue reading

What length drapery panels do I need?

First and foremost you need to decide on the height you plan on hanging your curtains. The obvious answer is to measure from the bar down to decide your overall curtain length, but there are plenty of other options to take into account. Many people are hanging their drapery for the first time, meaning they don't even have their mounts and/or curtain rod yet so there are things to decide. Normally you will mount your curtain rod 4-6" from the top of the window, but keep in mind the size rings you plan on using could use an extra inch or two and if you want a perfect fit you may want to mount in line with the curtain panel you are buying. Remember, our curtain panels come in 84, 96, 108 and 120" lengths but we do make custom lengths and widths upon request. There are a million ways to hem or pin up drapes which some people want to do purposely and some do it when they don't have the exact size they need. Some indoor curtain panels are meant to drape onto the floor and some curtains are meant to stop just past a window you may be covering. If you are hesitant on what drapery panel you want, do an internet search and… Continue reading

Summer is here! Whats new at Outdoor Sunbrella Curtains and Drapes

Summer is here and the Outdoor Sunbrella Curtain orders are coming in! We are super excited about the 2016 Sunbrella Drapery fabrics we have to offer and our customers are loving them as well. This year it seems to be patio curtains are becoming a big hit, but indoor window curtains, sliding door curtains and bay window curtains are rapidly increasing in numbers as well (don't forget to ask about our new Window Curtain website)! These curtain fabrics from the 2016 Sunbrella curtain line are unbelievable. This year we started offering free samples of ANY fabric you would like to see, feel or match up with your patio cushions, house color, etc, being confident you will be placing an order within the day of receiving and seeing them in person. We noticed this years drapery fabrics are a bit heavier which has been a great feature to keep wind from blowing them apart. This is a good drapery feature because you don't have have to buy massive curtains panels (like many did before) to hold the curtain weight down from the wind. The fix to this was sometimes having to buy curtain weights, but we are glad to say this is not necessary anymore and makes that eye sore disappear. Like always, Sunbrella has another elegant fade-proof… Continue reading

Outdoor Living Room Curtains and Outdoor Patio Drapes

The story of our Outdoor Curtain and Drapery shop stems from our original business of outdoor Patio Furniture. We have a 120,000 sq. ft. warehouse we have been manufacturing patio furniture in since 1979 and have had a plethora of requests for matching outdoor curtain panels for their outdoor living room or patio area to go with their patio sets. All of our products are made fun high quality Sunbrella fabrics and give you the entire 2016 Sunbrella Outdoor fabric line to choose from, giving you the option to match your outdoor curtain or drape panels with your current outdoor color palette rather than being stuck with 5 or so "standard" curtain fabrics most box stores leave you limited to. We offer outdoor drapery panels with grommets and outdoor drapery panels with loops, both equally elegant, personal preference being the choice. Since our Sunbrella curtains are made from furniture grade fabrics that are soft to the touch while being durable enough to withstand the harshest outdoor weather year round (fade, mildew and water resistant) we guarantee a long life, season to season with the same elegant look and touch they had when you opened the box. Be sure to check back for our seasonal Sunbrella Curtain Sales (look for the sale tag on products), but remember, even… Continue reading