Summer is here! Whats new at Outdoor Sunbrella Curtains and Drapes

Summer is here and the Outdoor Sunbrella Curtain orders are coming in! We are super excited about the 2016 Sunbrella Drapery fabrics we have to offer and our customers are loving them as well. This year it seems to be patio curtains are becoming a big hit, but indoor window curtains, sliding door curtains and bay window curtains are rapidly increasing in numbers as well (don’t forget to ask about our new Window Curtain website)!

These curtain fabrics from the 2016 Sunbrella curtain line are unbelievable. This year we started offering free samples of ANY fabric you would like to see, feel or match up with your patio cushions, house color, etc, being confident you will be placing an order within the day of receiving and seeing them in person.

We noticed this years drapery fabrics are a bit heavier which has been a great feature to keep wind from blowing them apart. This is a good drapery feature because you don’t have have to buy massive curtains panels (like many did before) to hold the curtain weight down from the wind. The fix to this was sometimes having to buy curtain weights, but we are glad to say this is not necessary anymore and makes that eye sore disappear.

Like always, Sunbrella has another elegant fade-proof design that is (in my opinion) the only way to go for outdoor curtains if you want something to last you years and years to come without wear. To add to the praises, remember Sunbrella drapery is made from the same materials that their furniture fabrics are made of, and if you own any Sunbrella cushions you know they last a decade even with the wear and tear of the seasons and people sitting on them. So whether you are choosing Curtain Panels with Grommets or Curtain Panels with Loops, you will have a product that could last you a lifetime!